What if you Could Get Answers and Take a Giant Leap in your Life at the Same Time?

If you are in need of answers to understand your life and create change by design but you can't seem to do it...

... Because you don't know the bigger picture! 

Here's the issue...

  • Being emotionally involved in your situation makes it harder to understand the big picture for yourself.
  • A lot of information that is coming to you is being based on someones' perspective and not your Higher Power.
  • Many readings don't tell you how to create the changes you desire but only what will happen in the future leaving you feeling powerless.
  • Creating a life by design requires healing specific beliefs and emotional wounds which are hard to identify by yourself. 

... but I have something that can help!

Have you Heard of..

Personalised In-dept Readings...

for multiple purposes! 

Relationship harmony 

Decision making


Life purpose

Emotional healing

Repetitive patters

Limiting beliefs

Personal growth

Spiritual development

Chakra alignment


Want to know what it's like? 

Life Purpose

Limiting Beliefs

Soul Contracts

Past Life

1h In-dept Reading 


-Personalised info on your present moment 

- Big picture behind your current experiences

- 12 sections covering several different aspects 

Fastest Way to Advance


-Healing limiting beliefs ​

-Healing emotional wounds 

-Removing chakra blocks

Quantum Leap


- Letting go of everything that's keeping you from reaching your next level 

- Removing blocks stopping manifestation

You Also Get...

An Audio Recording of Your Reading


An audio file of your reading will be recorded and sent to you at the end.

30 min Discussion/ Coaching


At the end of your reading you will have time (30 min) to discuss and get additional coaching on relevant topics.


Imagine This...

... going out to enjoy your life while the energy healing that took place during the reading, effortlessly creates changes and brings you closer to your dreams. 

How would life feel if with every moment you take to relax and enjoy life, with every laugh you have while enjoying the company of your friends, you started to see changes and improvements on your relationships, in your manifestations, in your prosperity...Imagine the feeling of having the Universe helping you take a giant step in the direction you desire and how exciting that can be! 


It's time for you to know your own personal reason!


Kristen Jenna, @pursuitofbliss_

''I had the most incredible session with Soraia Rosa. She did an aura reading for me and it was unlike ANYTHING I have ever experienced. The messages she channeled for me gave me such clarity that I was lacking before… the insights I received in that hour I know will be transformative for my life (I already feel it in the way I am approaching my life). She also helped me to release some energy from situations & experiences (in this life and past lives) that have been holding me back- I feel so much lighter & more connected to myself. Soraia is so incredible at not only channeling the messages but also delivering them in a way that is clear & applicable. I am so thankful, I believe she showed up in my life for a reason. If you have the opportunity to work with Soraia in any capacity…it is absolutely worth every penny and more. One of the most unique and transformative readings I have ever received.''

Unlike other readings, aura readings combine emotional healing! 


You deserve to be free from the emotional constrains keeping you stuck and unable to create change.


You don't need to obsess over the answer you're not seeing, over the way out that seems far away anymore.

Morgane Lemattre, @morgane.shaman.medium

"I had an aura reading one week ago and oh my... was it powerful! I had no problem opening my energy field to Soraia for a reading because I knew she was a benevolent light worker from the day we started talking. She is very respectful of energies and very caring. During the session, Soraia was channeling information from Source and working with my Higher Self and the information she was providing were accurate, mind blowing and very helpful. A lot of the clearing was taking place during the session and also during the following week. Soraia works at very deep levels and really helped bring new insights and perspectives as well as understanding on the things I have been experiencing. Her technique is really on point and sharp as far as precision is concerned. I felt shifts during the session, right after the session and the following days. This aura reading has been life-changing. To summarise, I would recommend anyone who is ready to dig into themselves, to heal and to change their life to work with Soraia. She will hold space for you, help and support you with energies of unconditional compassion and universal love while you are going through your healing process."

What Else Can You Tell Me About The Readings?

Hi, I'm Soraia!


I'm an aura reader and energy cleanse teacher.

After getting a PhD in science I decided to put my other skills into practice and share my spiritual gifts with the world. At this point I had already taught and read many, creating profound change in their lives although I wasn't doing it on a regular basis. 

My journey made me realise that a gift is to be shared with the world and shouldn't be held back. Hence, I'm putting it out there so you can have the opportunity to make things differently and  benefit from it. 

Now you have another choice. You can either keep doing things the way you have been doing or allow yourself to experience something more profound and transformative.

Why Should you Trust Me? 

I don't just tell you how to solve the issue but I cleanse the blocks keeping you from doing it. Through aura readings it's possible to know what's the real reason for your current experience, how to overcome it and heal your blocks and wound as the reading is happening. 

I'm not just an energy reader, I'm also a coach. All the information coming through the reading is put into a context of personal & spiritual development to create more results for you.

I've helped many clients improve their mental and emotional state of being as well as create real change in their physical reality. I've worked with dozens of clients providing them the answers and healing they required to life a more fulfilled life.


Carla Maiorino

"I never had an aura reading and my first experience with Soraia has been great, especially in my moment of difficulty. She was a perfect guide and made me feel very comfortable all the time. Reading was really enlightening and helped me on focusing on what was the best for myself and how to work on whatever I couldn't understand about me... And it's impressive to see now the effects of it! I hope to repeat the experience soon, thank you so much!"

Have a reading and start consciously changing your life today.