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This new approach to energy readings includes a simultaneous cleanse (limiting beliefs, past life patterns & emotional wounds) removing obstacles on your path.

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Learn how to tackle your life from an energetic point of view with products and courses that provide tools & techniques you can implement today.

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Find out which events are up next! These focus on diverse spiritual topics always using insight and transforming it into practical solutions to create transformation in your life.

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Hi, I'm Soraia!

I’m a energy reader and energy cleanse teacher. 

I aim to help you consciously manifest your reality through energy cleanse and readings which assist you with releasing the blocks stopping you from reaching your next level!‚Äč

I believe the way to create transformation in life is through deep self knowledge and understanding of the energetic Universe we live in. This is why all services I offer are full of insights to help you create the changes in your life that you are looking for.


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